Problem of deforestation

The importance of trees:

Trees are an important part of the eco system. The importance of the trees can be estimated with the fact that all the countries have some official departments to regulate the forests. There is a standard followed in every country regarding the percentage of forests. The forest must occupy the 25% of the total area of the country. This is the healthy range and it creates a healthy atmosphere by regulating the air.

Deforestation due to the industrialization:

Deforestation increased in many regions of the world. The prime factor behind this deforestation is the increase in the industrialization and housing schemes. The population is increasing at a steep rate and so the need for the housing too.

Solution to the problem:

The expert researchers of the field suggested many solutions to the problem. The problem should not be taken lightly and the solutions must be implemented quickly to avoid the further decrease in an amount of forests. The quick increase in the deforestation may cause a significant increase in the problem of global warming. Continue reading