Problem of deforestation

The importance of trees:

Trees are an important part of the eco system. The importance of the trees can be estimated with the fact that all the countries have some official departments to regulate the forests. There is a standard followed in every country regarding the percentage of forests. The forest must occupy the 25% of the total area of the country. This is the healthy range and it creates a healthy atmosphere by regulating the air.

Deforestation due to the industrialization:

Deforestation increased in many regions of the world. The prime factor behind this deforestation is the increase in the industrialization and housing schemes. The population is increasing at a steep rate and so the need for the housing too.

Solution to the problem:

The expert researchers of the field suggested many solutions to the problem. The problem should not be taken lightly and the solutions must be implemented quickly to avoid the further decrease in an amount of forests. The quick increase in the deforestation may cause a significant increase in the problem of global warming.

Problems caused by the deforestation:

There are many problems caused by the deforestation. Here we are going to cover some of the problems caused by the deforestation.

1: Loss of habitat for many species:

Animals live in forests and the food chain is perfectly balanced in the forests. The food chain is disturbed when either one or more than one species of animals become extinct. And this problem is caused by the deforestation when the animals are unable to live properly because of the loss of their habitat. Deforestation causes the loss of habitat and the animals are not able to live and mate properly.

2: Climate change:

The climate change is driven by the deforestation. The trees cover the soil with their shade to help them retain the moisture. If the sun light directly falls on the soil, the soil can become dry and it may cause the drop in the water cycle. Trees also make vapors and help in making clouds for the rain. Without trees, the piece of land can become a piece of desert.

3: Greenhouse gases:

Green house gases are a source of pollution. The trees absorb the green house gases and recycle them. We need more trees to absorb more green house gases. The fewer number of trees will allow more gas to stay in the air and hence causing the rise in temperature and pollution too. So the trees should be planted for the increase absorption of green house gases.

4: Release of carbon dioxide:

A lot of carbon dioxide is stored in trees. The stored carbon dioxide is released to air after the death of the tree. So after the deforestation, a lot of carbon dioxide is released into the air by the dead trees. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas and it contributes to the increase of temperature.

Hence, the proper solutions must be implemented to avoid deforestation as it can lead to the worst conditions.

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